ZhongGong Software:Explorer, designer, builder and promoter of block chain technology

Block chain consultation

Strategy, law, policy, technology, talent

Providing global solution of block chain technology implementation

Block chain implemention

Block chain, smart contract, Dapp, business ecosystem

Anti-counterfeiting and traceability

Tracking and anti-counterfeiting verification of each node information.

Applicable to food safety, logistics tracking, public welfare and other industries.

Information safety

Large information source security management in system network.

Applicable to intelligent transportation, logistics management, supply chain finance and other industries.

Data sharing

Setting up a data controlled shared operating environment.

Applicable to e-government, medical health, public services and other industries.

Smart contract

Provide smart contract code with high programmability and high security.

Applicable to all trades signed by online trading contracts.

Strategy consultation

Planning consultation and strategic planning for block chain projects.

Covering all aspects of professional guidance such as brand, operation, technology, manpower, law and so on.

Industry consultation

Provide block chain industry legal, technical, personnel and policy information and professional consultation.

Industry trend analysis, policy and regulations omnidirectional interpretation.

About us

ZhongGong Software Co., Ltd, Originally composed by Shenzhen Wolong Da Technology Co., Ltd.(founded in December 2013).After years of industry accumulation, the company has profound technical information, strong legal team, rich media resources and multi-dimensional channels in the area of block chain, and provides professional District chain "strategy, law, policy, technology, talent" consultation and implementation.

Meanwhile, ZhongGong Software relies on the Internet, combined with new technologies such as block chain, IoT, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, to help organizations integrate block chain technology into its own industrial development, and eventually transform into value results, helping to realize the popularization of the national block chain science and technology strategy.

  • Block chain technology solution
  • Block chain technology planning & implementation
  • Block chain industry consultation
  • Block chain project strategic consultation


  • Block chain technology solution

    Provide application solutions based on block chain technology.

  • Block chain technology planning & implementation

    Customization development of public chain, private chain, alliance chain, main chain and side chain.

    Development of block chain system(PC、APP)

  • Block chain industry consultation

    Law consultation

    Technology consultation

    Talent consultation

    Policy consultation

  • Block chain project strategic consultation

    Project planning (problem diagnosis, strategy formulation, feasibility study report, business model reshaping)

    Brand planning (brand positioning, strategic planning, project packaging, website design, roadshow guidance)

    Operation promotion (media promotion, precision marketing, public opinion PR, new media operation)


Data storage

Ensure data tamper-resistant and self proof.

Product traceability

Food and drugs are credible and traceable in production and circulation.

Supply chain finance

Based on the real trade background, achieve the issuance, circulation and payment for digital bills .

Transfer the possession of rights and interests

Build a larger integral trading market, revitalize the interests of users via block chain.

Data controlled sharing

Establishing e-government and medical data operation environment to achieve controllable data sharing.

Non key e-signature

The implementation of e-signature via block chain to improves the convenience of electronic business registration.

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